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Getting Started


1. First, I'd like to see some samples of websites you like. This can include any sites that you find on the web (whether within your media or not). Also, knowing which of my own sites appeals to you is helpful (we can combine features from different sites!)

2. In order to come up with a price estimation, I need to know approximately how many images and pages you will need on your site. To help you determine your own site needs, I have created a questionaire that you can print and fill out. You can either send this to me at the address on the form, or call me for a consultation once you've filled in your answers. You can also email me and I can call you (if out of area), or I can meet you for a consultation (if within the Portland vicinity).

3. I will give you an estimate based on the variables of your site needs. After agreeing on a price, I will need 1/3 - 1/2 down on the payment (via mailed check, paypal, or wired money transfer to my bank account). I will send you an emailed receipt, and will then commence work on the project. I will send you a written bid that details the scope of the project. I should be able to give you an estimate on turnaround of your site at the time of my bid proposal. (Please note that the time-frame and/or total price of the site can possibly change if the perameters of the project changes, or the client is slow to get images and text to me).

4. I will need you to send me your image files and textual information via email or a disc.Image files should be in jpeg form.

5. If you don't already have a domain name and server/host for your site, I can help you get set up with one (please refer to my services page for hosting options).

6. I will send you links to pages as the work progresses. Most of the communication can be done thru email. If preferred, we can talk on the phone (503-752-8292). When I feel that the first half of the bidded work is complete, I may ask you for another payment (sometimes I don't ask for it until the site is complete... it depends partly on how fast it is progressing).

To get started, go to the questionaire.