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Current Site Domain?

The following questions are used to help determine the design needs, functionality and site bid:

1. What is the main purpose of this site?  What are its goals? (Examples: gallery site, store, educational)

2. Who is the target audience of the site?  How will the site be advertised to the target viewers?
3. Do you have identity materials (logo, letterhead, standard marketing copy) already created and available for use?
4.  Do you have a "look and feel" in mind for the site? Consider layout, colors, graphics, and font.  
Please list 1-3 websites that you like, and what primary attraction the site holds for you.
5.  Content of pages (Please check the types of pages you expect to have on your site 
(if more than one for any of these, place the number in the blank):

___  gallery page(s)          ___ store page(s)      ___ biography   ___ artist statement
  ___ mission statement  ___history     ___ resume   ___ events calendar   ___blog
  ___ services   ___ contact info   ___ links     ___ maps  ___ media (sound / video clips)
  ___ catalog / product list   ___ newsletters, articles   ___ press releases  
  ___ registration form    ___ order form   ___ FAQ   ___ artistic process   ___ other?
6.  If the content of your site is primarily gallery or store-related:
(a) approximately how many graphics are expected to be on the site? 
  (b) Do you prefer that each image have a thumbnail that pops up into another page, or images that scroll 
down on the same page?
7. Are there any other features that you want on your site?
Will you need a logo created? Do you need a shopping cart, or will customers contact you directly for sales? 
Do you have images that are ready for email or disk transfer, or will you need to have photos scanned?
8. Do you prefer to have a top or side navigation on your site?
9. What is your budget for site development?
10. What is the timeline for completion/launch?

11.  Do you need maintenance services to update your site after its completion? 
Do you need tutoring services to learn how to update your site on your own?
Do you have software for web maintenance? If so, what kind?
Please Note: 4RealArts Web Design works with a contract to ensure a comfortable understanding of client needs and designer obligations. 
An estimate will be based on the information you've provided, and major changes in direction and/or scope may lead to cost increases. 
In addition, “asap” sites might lead to a 10% increase in total cost.  Any increase in cost will be written via email before proceeding.
The client is responsible for providing actual content (graphics and documents). To minimize costs, it is suggested that all photos graphics
and written content should be provided in an electronic format whenever possible.
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