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Portfolio Sites for Artists:


Joan Fabian

Joan Fabian
Contemporary Art with Playful Themes.

Joan had a need for several galleries to display her paintings, mixed media, collaborations, and sculpture. In keeping with her contemporary approach, we chose a white background and spare design to compliment her artworks.



Patianne Stevenson: Art on the Menu

Patianne's food-based art wanted a web presence that was both fun and contemporary, with easy navigation between separate galleries for her paintings and sculpture. I also designed her blog, which closely resembles the design of the site, for an integrated appearance.

Art on the Menu: Patianne Stevenson



Ianthe Art
Ianthe Moul
Paintings and Jewelry

Ianthe needed a fairly simple site to display her paintings and jewelry. She had a limited budget and needed something that she could update on her own as her work progressed.



Christine Downs
Fine and Utilitarian Glass Art

Christine creates fine art and utilitarian glass with a wide variety of stylistic influences. She needed a redesign for her site which matched the visual aesthetic of her pieces, while easy to navigate through many pages that reflect the range of her work.

Christine Downs, glass art


Tracy Turner art

Tracy Turner
Vibrant landscape and still-life paintings

This site begins with an intro page, which leads to an index of several galleries, separated by theme. Each gallery scrolls down with large thumbnails. These images can be clicked for pop-ups, which load into separate windows (presized to fit each image). Additional pages (bio, contact, etc) are linked at the bottom of each page. This example includes artist-created updates, tutored by 4RealArts.


Robin Urton
The web designer's personal site of her original artworks.

This site currently includes galleries for available and archived artworks, expanding as my portfolio does.. Other pages include a gallery/store prints and pendants, and info about shows, and classes, Art historical essays and a blog generate additional traffic to the site.

Robin Urton: Fine Art



Claire Mack, contemporary mixed media art

Claire Mack
Contemporary Mixed Media Paintings,
ranging from representational to abstract symbolism

Claire needed a site that was easy to navigate, had separate galleries for different stages of her career, and which would open up into "lightbox", where the enlargement floats above the thumbnail pages.



Suzanne Betz

painter of abstracts, equines, and figurative images

Suzanne's needed 3 separate galleries for her equine images, figures, and abstracts. A black background supports the subtle veils of color of her paintings and drawings..


Suzanne Betz


Denise Sirchie Mosaics

Denise Sirchie, Mosaics Northwest
Stunningly complex and intricate mosaic sculptures

Since most of Denise's mosaic work is applied to 3-dimensional sculptures, She had a specific desire to show at several views of each piece. The site opens up with an intro page, then enters her portfolio of thumbnails. Each thumbnail opens up a pop-up page, where 3 alternative images of each sculpture can be viewed. This site utilizes frames within the pop-ups.


Jani Moore

Jani paints landscapes, street scenes, animals, rusty cast-offs, people and flowers "to express the lush sensuous beauty that lies beneath the surface". Her site needed to include a large number of gallery pages to display the many themes in her art, and she began updating her site on her own, after given a few tutorial lessons.


Jani Moore watercolors



Erin Thomas Photography

Erin Thomas

Erin came to me with a request to update her site, but decided on a complete redesign because it was difficult to navigate the many galleries of her original site. She needed a place to display several sub-categories of her fine art photography as well as her commercial photography.






Sites for Healers and Services:



DNA Gardens: Diana Newton & Associates
Landscape Design

Diana had a fully created site, but wasn't pleased with the overall design. She contracted me for a re-design, adding more color, an improved logo, and larger, crisper images of her work.

DNA Gardens; Diana Newton & Associates


Aligning With Soul

Aligning With Soul
providing insight into your life's journey

Robert Zakian provides personal healing, conflict resolution, hypnotherapy and spiritual counseling. He needed a very simple, low-cost website that was clear, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate.



Asherah Joy

Joy's site has changed with her changing career interests, beginning with "Heart-based psychotherapy for the Body, Mind, and Soul.. and eventually shifting to a site for her intuitive services. The client wanted the visual direction of her site to reflect the type of client she wanted to attract to her practice. The rich imagery that evoke stories, myths and archetypes represent the healing of the soul's wounds.

Ananda Psychotherapy



Bridge Wellness

Bridge Wellness: Acupuncture

Amanda needed a site to advertise her acupuncture services, but came to me with only a logo and some text copy. By purchasing low-cost limited-copyrght images through a stock photo agency, we were able to create an attractive, effective, and simple site..