search engine optimization

Implementing Basic SEO:

As soon as your page is set up, keep in mind the basics of SEO.

Before you do anything, select a few keywords for your page. These keywords should be carefully chosen. This is one of the most fundamental parts of your search engine optimization strategy. The keywords should be words that are used in common searches. You can find this information by looking at the search statistics provided by search engines. Once you have chosen the keywords, you need to use them appropriately. Right away, within the first 200 words of the page, keywords should be used. This is important to help bring the page high in search rankings. The keywords also shouldn’t be used too much. While having a lot of keywords can help your page to come up high in the rankings, too many keywords can cause your page to get banned by search engines. This will cause the traffic to your page to plummet rapidly. Keep the number of keywords in your webpage to be between 1 and 3 percent. Less than 1 percent keywords will not optimize your SEO. More than 3 percent will result in your page risking being banned from the search engine.

Those first words on your page are extremely important.

In fact, these first words are the most crucial for your search engine optimization strategy. Think of the first 200 words on your page as an advertisement that your presenting to the search engines. The wording should be carefully chosen, and keywords need to be present in this part of the page. In particular, the very beginning of a page should be composed of a meta description. The meta description is around 150 characters. The words in this meta description should be extremely carefully chosen. The meta description can really grab the eye of viewers of the search results, as it will show up on search engine results. Think of it as a sort of advertisement for your page being shown to potential traffic. Along with the meta description, your title is quite important. Having a keyword or keywords within the title is also highly recommended by many SEO experts.

It also is important to make getting links to your site an integral part of SEO.

seoThis can potentially be one of the most effective SEO strategies around. In fact, one very good link can greatly boost the effectiveness of your SEO very rapidly. There are different ways that you can get links. However, the most commonly utilized way of getting links to your website is to work with other website owners. Often times, owners of other websites will be eager to help you out. Just contact them, and then ask them to link your page. Offer to link their page in return. As other websites do this, your page(s) will begin to get traffic from the other websites. The other way that you can get backlinks is to use the service of companies that help you get them. These companies often advertise themselves online. It is important to do a great deal of research when you use these companies’ services. This is especially true, if you have found them through internet searches. You want to be certain that you will get the most out of your money. However, this can potentially be a way to quickly get a sizable number of links to your website.